Novozymes TV

Get behind the scenes with Novozymes TV

Live pictures bring stories to life and fire up the message. If you tune in to Novozymes TV, you will get a chance to meet some of Novozymes' partners and customers, industry experts, and the people who work at Novozymes.

“It’s important for us to reach a large number of stakeholders to present ourselves and our technologies,” says Mads Madsen, Head of Corporate Positioning. “Web TV is a step further in that direction. We have numerous fantastic stories about how our customers benefit from our solutions and how we make a positive impact on the world. But we also want to invite people behind the scenes and get a better feeling of the people who work at Novozymes,” says Mads Madsen.

Design & web development by Plant
Video production by Eyeworks & Mammut Media

Uploaded January 30, 2012

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