23 Video is going live

31 views May 11, 2015

The next step for online video, a giant leap for marketing. Two years of development and a...


The Fashion Release of 23 Video

999 views February 18, 2015

Fashioning a great video website is about much more than just framing the video: elegant...

Product guides

How to use themes with 23 Video

741 views February 18, 2015

23 Videocomes withmodern, responsive themes built in. Each design works seamlessly across devices...

Product guides

How to build themes in 23 Video

632 views February 18, 2015

23 Video allows for the development of themes utilising Frameworks such as Sass and Bootstrap,...


Live from the Clip Release

282 views October 23, 2014

With this update to 23 Video we're making it much easier for anyone to clip, duplicate and...


The Clip Release of 23 Video

548 views October 21, 2014

The content world is one of many bite-sized clips, tailored for your audience. But creating those...


DBU saves production time with Clip

213 views October 21, 2014

The Danish National Football Union is using 23 Video to publish their videos and press...


Northside makes clips out of concerts

217 views October 21, 2014

Northside is an urban music festival. The festival is using 23 Video to manage video year-long --...

Product guides

Learn how to work with Clips

549 views October 22, 2014

Teddy Falsen Hiis, the product evangeliser at 23, goes through how Clips work in 23 Video. To get...

Content Marketing Camp

Helene fra Radio Metro

23 views May 20, 2015

Helene har fokus på kundene med tanke på innholdsmarkedsføring, i hovedsak på event.

Content Marketing Camp

Jørgen i Dagbladet om innholdsmarkedsføring

17 views May 20, 2015

Innholdsmarkedsføring er historiefortelling på egne premisser eller andres premisser. Redink...

Content Marketing Camp

Pia & Mette om innholdsmarkedsføring i DnB

17 views May 20, 2015

Vi møtte Pia og Mette på Content Marketing Camp. Her deler de av sine tanker rundt...

Content Marketing Camp

Christopher Hoelfeldt-Lund om Newswire og...

15 views May 20, 2015

Christopher Hoelfeldt-Lund var tilstede på Content Marketing Camp, og delte sine tanker rundt...

Content Marketing Camp

Live Interviews from Content Marketing Camp

8 views May 20, 2015

23 er på plass påContent Marketing Camp på Rockefeller i Oslo. 23 Video går Live den 3.juni og vi...